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    There is a difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature. Although both will work, they work on different platforms. Using newer programs like Adobe Pro 11, it is able to create the digital signature and certificate. The asymmetrical cryptosystem can now be verified through a process called key technology. A “key pair” is a private key and its corresponding public key in an asymmetric cryptosystem, under which the public key verifies a digital signature the private key creates. An “asymmetric cryptosystem” is an algorithm or series of algorithms which provide a secure key pair. An encrypted signature that complies with the requirements of the licensing boards can be created in one of two methods:
    1. Certificate Authority (Self Certification): Use tools built into your design or PDF (Portable Document Format) management software (AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Blue Beam, etc.) to create a visible and embedded signature file.
    2. Certificate Authority (Third Party Verification Party): If required by the local jurisdiction, you may purchase a signature and Certificate online from a third party verification service. (eTrust, GeoTrust, Verisign, etc.)
  4. The rules are established by the Florida Administrative Code for each board; Read the Architect’s rule 61G1-16.005 at:
  5. Read the Architect’s rule 61G1-16.005 at:
  6. Read the Engineer’s rule 61G15-23.003 at:
  7. Note from the Building Official:
    Security settings must be set to permit commenting so the City of Winter Garden may overlay the required stamps and comments necessary to issue plans and documents as required for public record

    M. A. “Skip” Nemecek
    Building Official
    City of Winter Garden 407-656-4111 x 5420
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