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  1. Welcome to Winter Garden
  2. Any current permit application or current permitted project will still be reviewed and inspected using the FBC 6th Edition (2017). The code a permit is issued under will be in effect until the permit is closed.
  3. The Florida Building Code 7th Edition includes:
  4. FBC- A (2020) - Accessibility
    FBC- B (2020) - Building
    FBC- EC (2020) - Energy Conservation
    FBC- EB (2020) - Existing Building
    FBC- FG (2020) - Fuel Gas
    FBC- M (2020) - Mechanical
    FBC- P (2020) - Plumbing
    FBC- R (2020) - Residential
    FFPC (2018) - Florida Fire Prevention Code 7th Edition
    NEC (2017) - National Electric code
  5. ALL new permit applications and new plans MUST have printed on the plans it-self, that they were designed to the FBC 6th Edition. Plans not containing this statement will be rejected and reviews will not be done.
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