Stormwater Program

The City stormwater program aims to reduce the amount of pollution entering our stormwater system.The City is a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) co-permittee with Orange County. 

This permit regulates what can be discharged into our waters and delegates compliance enforcement to the City.The Permit requires the City to control and reduce pollutants entering the storm drain system from residents and businesses.

Clean Water Act

As part of the federal Clean Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates the operation of most municipal drainage systems (pipes, drains, ponds, canals, etc.). In addition, they also regulate all industrial activity with any potential to affect surface water quality. 

Included in the definition of industrial activities are any land disturbing activities or construction. The City of Winter Garden is required to operate a compliance inspection program to ensure that activities within the City do not negatively impact surface water quality.


If you see a potential stormwater quality problem, please call the City of Winter Garden Public Services Department at 407-656-2256. Remember, water pollution is everyone's concern.