To acquire a building permit to erect a tent all the following items are required:

  • Contact Planning and Zoning for approval prior to submitting to the building department for a permit. Some tents require City Commission approval.
  • One complete sets of plans.
  • Site plan needs to show property lines, right-of-way, easements, building, structures, power lines, fire hydrants and parking locations and, to scale, the location of the tent.
  • If electrical is to be supplied show from what building, power pole, temporary meter or where the generator is to be located. Include all pertinent details on how it will be protected, etc.
  • Location of any water sources, if applicable. Call the Backflow Department at 407-656-5549 if any questions.
  • Drawing showing how the tent is to be adequately guyed, supported and braced.
  • Proof of property owners permission.
  • Flame-spread report.
  • Need to have "No Smoking" signs posted and fire extinguishers as required. Call the Fire Department at 407-656-4689, ext. 2223 for questions and inspections.
  • Tent will require Fire Department approval and inspection.