Why wasn’t my trash picked up? My neighbor’s was.

Although oversights do occasionally occur, following are the most common reasons:

• It was not set out on time. Please place your items or container out at the curb either the evening before or by 7:00 am the latest on the day of collection.

• It was blocked by a vehicle or other obstruction.

• The container is overweight, and the truck cannot lift it.

• Improper items placed inside the recycling cart (e.g., yard waste, household trash, Styrofoam, pizza boxes, and plastic bags).

• Recyclables were set out in plastic bags. They should be loose in the cart.

• There is an excessive amount of debris. Please call 407-656-2256 to inquire, as the City charges a fee for the collection of oversized piles. These piles are picked up and the fee applied only with the prior approval of the account holder.

Please wait until the morning after your collection day to report a missed pickup.

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8. Why wasn’t my trash picked up? My neighbor’s was.
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