If I'm thinking of starting a business within the city of Winter Garden, how do I start?

You will need to determined the address you wish to operate the business from. Once you have the address: 

  • Please check that the address that you wish to operate from is within the city limits of Winter Garden, FL:  
    1. You may call the City of Winter Garden Business Tax Division at 407-656-4111 ext. 5735 to verify
    2. You may verify with Orange County Property Appraiser website that address is within the municipality: Winter Garden  
    3. If the address is not within the city limits, you will need to check with Orange County or listed municipality for their process to register a business for a local business tax receipt
    4. If within the city limits, you will need to determine if address is a home location or commercial location: 
  • If from your home location, register as a Residential business. (see details for Residential Local Business Tax Application)
  • If from a Commercial location, register as a Commercial business. (see details for Commercial Local Business Tax Application)

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1. If I'm thinking of starting a business within the city of Winter Garden, how do I start?
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