What is a preliminary plat?

A preliminary plat shows the basic layout of the proposed subdivision, including lots, roads and major utilities. City Staff reviews and verifies the lot sizes, the street dimensions and the general location of utilities. At this stage the Planning Department requires traffic concurrency studies. City Staff also looks for wetland problems, floodplains, road configuration, and any other big items that need to be identified early in the development. At this stage, the City negotiates any cost sharing for any major infrastructure improvements or right of way dedication. The applicant does not need to perform full engineering at this point, but they need to have enough to ensure the ponds are sized correctly, the gravity sewer will work properly and the overall subdivision will function properly. Preliminary plats are reviewed by the Development Review Committee (DRC), the Planning and Zoning Board and receive final approval from the City Commission.

Click here for Subdivision Preliminary Plat Application.

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