City of Winter Garden, FL

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A charming little city with a juicy past

Electric Vehicle "EV" Charging Stations


Need to charge your plug-in electric vehicle or golf cart? The City of Winter Garden is the proud new host of 4 ChargePoint Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. We currently have three locations in the historic downtown area and one location at Tanner Hall.  The cost to use any of our stations will initially be FREE until activity increases!  The City of Winter Garden received these Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations as a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The grant objective is to accelerate the development and production of electric vehicles to substantially reduce petroleum consumption, reduce greenhouse gas production and create jobs.

Just find a station near you and start a charging session with a ChargePass Card.

What is the ChargePoint Network? The ChargePoint Network is an open-platform network of charging stations that is delivering electric fuel to plug-in electric vehicles around the globe.

The ChargePoint Network makes plug-in electric vehicle use a practical reality for drivers who can now top off their vehicle batteries wherever they park - at home and at convenient public locations such as at work, or at the marketplace. Drivers prefer the network because makes it easy for them to locate available public charging stations along their commute route and to track their vehicle’s charging performance from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Drivers rely on the network to keep them informed of their vehicle’s charging status at all times.

By delivering electric fuel for drivers with ChargePoint charging stations, electric utilities, sensitive to the increasing demand on their electric grid, are using the network to collect data to forecast grid enhancements necessary for EV programs and services. The standards based, secure, open architecture allows utilities to scale from one to millions of stations and provides many options for utilities to integrate with their existing business and meter management systems.

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