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Permits: Commercial -- New, Alterations & Additions

All NEW commercial projects must be approved by Planning and Zoning, Engineering, Fire and Utility departments before a building permit can be applied for. You must include the Site Approval letter that is issued by Planning and Zoning and the City stamped approved site plan when submitting for Building Permit for NEW construction.

A completed application must list the Contractor and the Subcontractor for each category and the contract dollar amount for the completed building and each subcontract category. If the building is to be sprinkled, the sprinkler plans must be submitted with the building permit application. No plans will be reviewed without a completed application and fire sprinkler drawings, if applicable.

Items needed for permitting:

1) Application complete with subs listed and Power of Attorney for each.

2) Site Approval Letter (NEW CONSTRUCTION ONLY)

3) One set of engineer sealed plans to include Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing, (must include one City stamped approved site plan for NEW CONSTRUCTION, one truss plan, one Eng calculation, etc. on a CD, flash drive or FTP (File Transfer Program).

4) Plan Review Fee, which is 50% of the building permit fee. Contact our office for the fee.