City of Winter Garden, FL

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A charming little city with a juicy past


As with most communities founded in the early 1900's of rural Florida, Winter Garden's economy relied heavily on agriculture. A year-around growing season and fertile soil enabled the production of fruits and vegetables; rail provided direct transportation routes to northern markets; and local orange groves were Florida's gold.

In the late 1960's, central Florida's economy changed. A new mouse was on the block -- Mickey Mouse that is. Tourism quickly became the new gold. Winter Garden's proximity to Orlando & the Walt Disney World properties made it an ideal spot for growth.

Not content to be another bedroom community, City Commission embarked upon an aggressive strategy making Winter Garden an ideal place to grow families and businesses.

The NEW Winter Garden Experience Is Now Available

The Second Edition 2015-2016 Winter Garden Experience is a custom directory guide and area map that interactively connects those who visit, shop, eat, work, live and play in Winter Garden to the businesses located in the community. Pick up the print edition booklet at City Hall or other local outlets.